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I entertain a lot.  We have people over almost every other weekend (it used to be every weekend!).  Since my friends always ask me what the menu for the party is - I thought having a page dedicated to recipes I use for parties and some sample menu choices would help others.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


South Indian Party Menu ~ 16 people

Appetizer: Medhu vadai, coconut chutney, red bell pepper chutney, and Veggie Bites (from Costco)
Dinner: Regular idlis, kancheepuram idlis, sambar, chutneys, coconut sevai, lemon sevai, black-eyed peas curry,  lauki kootu, parathas, potato curry, carrot salad, raitha, and yogurt rice
Dessert: Ras malai, Watermelon

Navarathri Menu:

Friday ~ 8 people

Appetizers: Sooji Kuzhi Paniyaram, papads
Dinner: Kancheepuram idlis, vathal kuzhambu, Masala Dosai, hotel sambar, coconut chutney, garbanzo bean sundal, rice, and yogurt
Dessert: Ras Malai, fruits

Saturday ~ 70 people

Appetizers: Mudi masala, papdi chaat, cocktail idlis  sambar, vada, chutney
Main Course: Tomato rice, naan, potato curry, black eyed peas curry, kala channa sundal, carrot kosumalli, yogurt
Dessert: Ras malai, Fruit salad

Sunday ~ 12 people for evening snacks

Samosas, chutneys, papdi chaat, cheese and crackers, chips and home made salsa, olives, mango fruit salad

Mediterranean Potluck ~ 12 people

Tapas: polenta with mushrooms and caramelized onions, hummus and roasted pepper fillo cups, baba ganoush, hummus, crackers, dolmades, and olives

Main Course: Mediterranean soup with harissa, green peas soup,  tabbouleh, couscous salad, quinoa salad, pita bread,  hummus, falafels, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, and Mediterranean rice

Dessert: Fruit tarts and fruits

Dinner Menu for Wednesday ~ 14 people

Appetizers:  Rasa vada, boiled peanuts, vadams, 
Main Course: Kale Thoran, Potato Curry, Idli, Sambar, Chutney, Tomato Rice, Paneer Makhani, Rotis, Curd Rice, Salad
Dessert: Indian sweets

Made idli batter on Monday and everything else on the day of the party.   I bought parathas from the indian store and sweets from India.

Dinner Menu for Sunday ~ 18 people

Appetizers:  Katori Chaat, Cocktail Idlis
Main Course:  Mixed Dal, Vegetable Kurma, Eggplant Curry, Paneer Butter Masala, Rotis, Pulao, Salad, Raita
Dessert:  Ras Malai, Fruits

Planning and execution:            
Wednesday: Soak green peas (for katori chaat).   Make katoris
Thursday: Start sprouting green peas
Saturday:  Make ras malai, soak and grind for idlis, make yogurt raita, make masala for kurma, dry powdered masala for eggplant curry, cut up veggies for kurma, soak mixed dal (if necessary)
Sunday morning:  make dal, kurma, boil potatoes and sprouted green peas for katori chaat, make eggplant curry and the paneer dish, cut veggies for salad, make raita.
A couple of hours before people come: make pulao and cocktail idlis.  Assemble filling for the chaat.  Clean kitchen, set out plates, napkins etc., cut fruits.

Friday Night Dinner Menu ~15 people

Appetizers: Samosas, Guacamole, Chips, Vadams (papads)
Main Course: Pav Bhaji, Idiyappam, Stew, Tomato Rice, Salad, Raitha
Dessert: Ras Malai

Planning and execution:            

Thursday night: Make samosa – let them cool and store in the refrigerator.  Make ras malai and idiyappams, make masala for the stew, fry vadams
Friday afternoon:  make bhaji for pav bhaji, make stew, tomato rice, cut salad veggies, make raitha.
An hour or so before people come:  make guacamole.  Set out chips, put the samosas in the oven to warm them up.  Clean kitchen, set out plates, napkins etc.

World Cup Soccer Party: Sunday Brunch ~ 18 people

Potluck Menu: Chole, Bhatura, Idli, Vada, Sambar, Chutney, Pani Puris, Salad, Fruits, Ice Cream

My friends brought chole, vada, sambar, chutneys, salad, and the fixings for pani puri.  I made idlis, thawed bread rolls for bhaturas, made puris for pani puris (with the help of my friend), and the pani.

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